Saturday, October 22, 2005

first post

Hello everybody
here's the first post of my new blog, space dream's blog.

I'm born in Isfahan, Iran on 30th July 1973 into a deeply religious family. Since my youth, I have had a passion for art and have been intensely active in my artistic development. In the beginning of my artistic career, my early passion for drawing is opposed by my father but supported by my mother.
My father first sent me as A young boy to a high school to study Litrature but abandoned that and in 1986 I tried to work for a year at the several carpet & rugs company as A Designer. I was encouraged at a young age to enter the arts so I relocated that and I could study at the Fine arts school in Isfahan(Beaux-Arts).I particularly admired the work of Farchieyan, as well as that Isa Bahadori and Behzad (Isa Bahadori who was often called the father of modern art, strove to develop an ideal synthesis of naturalistic representation, personal expression, and abstract pictorial order.. )
Between 1992 & 1993 I had to go to the military service for two years . in 1996 I moved to Tehran to Study in the Field of Renovation and conservation of old monuments and Buildings at the Higher Education Center For Cultural Heritage. during this part of my life I did much traveling and drawing . I traveled the Four Corners of Iran over a period of about 4 years. At the age of twenty-six I went abroad, studying master Restoration in European countries.
I can design and illustrate adult & children 's books.