Sunday, December 28, 2014

impact of imperialism on the world

 How are imperialism and colonialism related to the world wars? it is realty ..

Monday, June 09, 2014

Designs, motifs, and patterns

Persian rugs are made up of a layout and a design which in general included one or a number of motifs. The Iran Carpet Company, a specialist in the subject, has attempted to classify Persian carpet designs and has carried out studies of thousands of rugs.Their results show that there have been slight alterations and improvements to almost all original designs. In its classification the company has called the original designs as the 'main pattern' and the derivatives as the 'sub patterns'. They have identified 19 groups, including: historic monuments and Islamic buildings, Shah Abbassi patterns, spiral patterns, all-over patterns, derivative patterns, interconnected patterns, paisley patterns, tree patterns, Turkoman patterns, hunting ground patterns, panel patterns, European flower patterns, vase patterns, intertwined fish patterns, Mehrab patterns, striped patterns, geometric patterns, tribal patterns, and composites.

my Persian carpet  was made up of Shah Abbassi and spiral arabesque patterns.

my first carpet design

My Persian rugs, which is made in Iran by skilled artisans.
Persian rugs are highly respected for their quality.