Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Brief Story of Bijan and Manijeh

it is the begining of the story 's Bijan & Manijeh and it does n 't have any scenario in this first page so it just discribes the darkness of the night when the story begins.
when people from Arman complained to Key Khosro that wild boars were invading their fields, Bijan volunteered to go and combat the boars. Bijan pursued the wild boars, returning them to their lairs, without any of the boars escaping. The day following this event, Gorgin told Bijan about the garden of Afrasiab on the other side of the border with Turan. Thus was the young Bijan tempted hid him, and no one except her maids were aware of this secret. When Afrasiab learned that his daughter was hiding a man in her house, he sent guards to seize Bijan. Bijan was captured and imprisoned in a pit in the desert and the pit was blocked with a heavy stone. Manijeh was also punished by her father. She was expelled from the palace and sent to the desert where Bijan was prisoned. Manijeh made a tunnel to Bijan's prison, and through that tunnel spoke to him and fed him. Every day she would go to the city and beg for food and bring the food to Bijan. Eventually, Key Khosro sent Rostam to rescue Bijan. Rostam went to Turan as a merchant, and met Manijeh in the city, from where she took him to the pit where Bijan was imprisoned.

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